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Хонаи Калон


Буд набуд як оилаи буд ва онҳо ду то писар доштанд. Якумаш сенздахсола буд ва дуюмаш 15-сола буд. Ва онҳо бисер кор мекарданд ва вақти бал онҳо либосҳои худошонроц пушида рақс кардан сар мекунан. Ва ногаҳон додарак тавалуд шуд. Вақте ӯ 15 сола шуд бародари калонаш  30-сола шудаст ва дуюмаш …

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Big House


There was one family that had 2 sons first was thirteen and second was fifteen. They work  much and in ball time they wear there’s costumes and start dance,  and here once they were born little brother and when hi m became 15 and first brother became thirty and second …

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Большой Дом


Жила была одна семейка у которых была 2 сына. Младшему  было 13 а старшему 15. Они много трудились и во время бала они надавали свои красивые костюмы и начали танцевать. Вдруг  y них в семье родился братик. Когда он вырос и ему стало 15 а старшему брату 30 а младшему …

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Major Lazer


[Machel Montano:] All I want yeah, only love yeah, all I say yeah All I want yeah, only love yeah, yo Major Lazer [Machel Montano:] Hey DJ, bust a tune and then pull it up If your cup's empty, fill it up Spend more love, cause we can't get enough …

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About Bank

Bank: Bank is a building where you get money for work and the bank can give you a bank card. In the bank card different sums for the salary. An example of my dad’s card is 500 rubles. This I say for example. And for example, a friend of the …

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BMW История

BMW is a German car. It was published in 1913. And it was very popular in those years. Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto discovered two small firms with shops on the northern outskirts of Munich. They specialized in the production of aircraft engines. A small enterprise is poorly suited to …

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The storm

Thunderstorm is a beautiful and majestic phenomenon of nature. But the storm carries a huge danger – lightning strikes. To protect yourself from them, you must follow certain rules. 1) You can not be prized under tall trees, especially separately standing: 2) You can not bathe during a thunderstorm: 3) …

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Dinner in New York

The Blue Room is famous restaurant in New York. The food is excellent, and the waiters and waitresses are polite and friendly. Hector and Isabel Rivera are having dinner at the Blue Room. The Rivera’s are from Venezuela. They are tourists in the United States. They speak Spanish, but they …

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About Aplle


Hi guys i am SEREJA LEV. Today i say you about aplle. ——————————————————————————————————————————– You know that the apple tree has such necessary branches that you can grow from a nickname another apple tree. Well, you can also do with seeds. This is done in other countries with seeds. But we …

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