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How To Prepare To Be A Fraud-Fighting Professional

At most  universities there is there is not  major called “Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation Rather“ students who want to prepare for fraud fighting careers must usually choose majors and courses that will provide the skills that will make them a successful fraud fighter. The following are some of the most important skills for a fraud fighting professional to have:

*Analytical skills: Fraud detection and investigation are analytical processes where investigators identify the kinds of fraud that could occur, the kinds of symptoms and indicators those frauds would generate and ways in which to examine follow up on symptoms that are found. Being a fraud investigator is very much like being 0a physician: it requires significant amounts of diagnostic and exploratory work to discover  what is really happening. It is impossible to be a good fraud examiner with out having analytical skills.

*Communication skills: Fraud examiners spend considerable amounts  of time interviewing witnesses and suspect and communicating those findings to other witnesses to courts and to other. A good communicator will know how hard to push for evidence and confessions how to structure questions and interviews to make them most productive and how to write reports that are valued by courts  lawyers and other. It is impossible to be a good fraud examiner
without good communication skills.

*Technology skills: Fraud detection and investigation used to involved  luck than anything else. However with the technology advances of the last few years we can now proactively search for fraud symptoms and fraud perpetrators and build both fraud-free  and fraudulent profiles. Technology allows fraud examiners to analyze huge databases quickly. Computers provide some of the best evidence about whether or not someone is guilty of fraud. Real time and even post hoc fraud detection and investigation in the future will involve the use of technology.

While the three skills addressed above are critical and most important other skills that will be extremely useful for future fraud examiners are as follows:

*Some understanding of accounting and business. One of the major difference between fraud and other crimes is the always present concealment attempts to hide to the fraud. Usually concealment attempts involve altering accounting records and documents. Those fraud  examiners who understand the FBI has a large number of agents who are CPAs. The expertise of those agents is highly valued by the FBI.

*A knowledge of civil and criminal laws criminology privacy issues employee rights fraud statutes and other legal fraud related issues. Investigating and resolving frauds always involves legal questions  such us “should this case be pursued in the criminal or civil courts, are certain evidence gathering techniques legal and when should law enforcement be involved.“

*The ability to speak and write in foreign language. With developments in travel communication, and technology many frauds today involve individuals in multiple countries. Cross-border investigations are not uncommon and the ability to speak and write a foreign language such a Spanish or Chinese will be highly value.

*A knowledge of human behavior including why and how people rationalize dishonesty how they react when caught and what is the most effective way to deter individuals from committing fraud. These kinds of skills are usually learned in behavioral courses such as psychology social psychology or sociology.

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