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Featured Topics by Chapter

Is this book cover seven different topics as follows:

Part 1 comprising Chapters  1,2, and 3 provides  an introduction  to fraud and an overwiew of the fraud  problem. Chapter 1 discusses  the nature  of fraud, Chapter 2  describes fraud perpetratos and their  motivations for bein g dishonest and Chapter 3 provides ah overwiev  of the different ways to fight and hopefully feduce fraud.

Parts 2 and 3 of the book focus on fraud and hopefull  prevention (Chapter 4) and fraud detection (Chapter 5 and 6). Chapter 5 discusses  treditional fraud  fraud  detection methods, while Chapter  6 introduces you to the use  of technology    to proactively  detect  fraud.

Part 4 covers the various  elements  of fraud investigation. In Chapter 7  we cover theft act investigation  methods; in Chapter 8, we cover concealment  investigation methods; in Chapter 9, we discuss  conversion invstigative methods; and in Chapter 10, we covervarios types of interviewing  and otherquery approaches to investiga fraud. The interview  techniques you learn in Chapter 10 will make you a more discarning husband or wife, parent, manager, empoloyee, or friend.

Parts 5 and 6 discuss the  varios types of fraud. In part 5, we highlight four other types of fraud. Chapter 11 deals with fraud committed againts organization  by employees yendors,and costumers. Chapter 12 covers consumer fraud, a chapter  that will have immadiate relevance to you and will alert you to the fraud exposures you face every day. Chapter 13 introduce  divorce, tax, and  bankruptcy  fraud all of which are very common  because people often try to hide assets from those who want to take them away-the government in the case of taxes and others in the cases of divorse and bankruptcy. Chapter 13 also covers laundering frauds. Chapter 14 discusses e-business frauds, a new and growing type of fraud problem because of the increasing use of the  Internet to conduct bussines.

In Part 6, we unclide  three chapters  on management, or financial statement fraud. In Chapter 15, we provide an overview of financial statement fraud  and introduce a proactive model for detecting fraud and errors in financial statements . Chapter 16 focuses on both revenue and inventory ralated frauds , the two, most common ways to intentionally  misstate financial statements. In Chapter 17, we discuss three other if financial statement  frauds: understating liabilities and  expenses overstating assets  and inadequate disclousures. These chapters will help you  better  understend and critique the financial  statements of any  organization.

The final in the book- containing  Chapter 18 discusses  options that victims have  when deciding  how to follow  up on frauds  they expreince. This chapter  orivides. This chapter  provides an overwiev ot the criminal and civil statutes governing  fraud legal proceedings  and helps you understand the various  ways  organization have to resolve dishonest acts.

We realize that there are many other fraud –related topics that we could have included. We have tried to strike a balance between brevity and topics or gerenal interest and detailed investigation and specific knowledje  that exprienced professional fraud examiners would need.


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