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Christas Tree

Christmas tree This year, I turned guys, forty years old. So, it turns out that I saw the New Year tree forty times. It’s a lot! Well, the first three years of life, I probably did not understand what a Christmas tree is. Probably, my mother carried me on handles. And probably, but, I with my black eyes, without interest, looked at the decorated tree. And when I, children, were struck for 5 years, I already perfectly understood what a Christmas tree is. And I was looking forward to this fun holiday. And even in the slit of the door he glanced at how my mother decorated the Christmas tree. And I had a sister Lola. Seven years. Very brave, brisk girl. She once told me: -Mink, Mom went to the kitchen. Let’s go to the room where the tree stands, and see what is being done there. And we go with sister Lela.

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