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Rain is the nature phenomenon. Rain happened from ices in cloud. First in mountains snow melting and go down or at once  become steam and again become cloud. But in cloud remain ice of water, when sun  warms and the rays of sun fall into, and the ice that was …

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Major Lazer


[Machel Montano:] All I want yeah, only love yeah, all I say yeah All I want yeah, only love yeah, yo Major Lazer [Machel Montano:] Hey DJ, bust a tune and then pull it up If your cup's empty, fill it up Spend more love, cause we can't get enough …

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BMW История

BMW is a German car. It was published in 1913. And it was very popular in those years. Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto discovered two small firms with shops on the northern outskirts of Munich. They specialized in the production of aircraft engines. A small enterprise is poorly suited to …

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