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Water appears from snow. At first in mountains melting. After this go down little river. From little river’s appears big river and go to sea or ocean. In salty water live crocodiles. Or appears lake. Water that in ocean or in sea you mustn’t drink. If you drink this water …

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Rain is the nature phenomenon. Rain happened from ices in cloud. First in mountains snow melting and go down or at once  become steam and again become cloud. But in cloud remain ice of water, when sun  warms and the rays of sun fall into, and the ice that was …

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Бразилия – большая страна. Это занимает 5-е место в крупнейших странах мира. У нее много лесов Саванны, джунглей и многих разных животных. Там почти все виды животных. На каком языке говорит Бразилия? В Бразилии говорят на португальском, бразильском, японском, французском, английском языках. Ну, половина мира Бразилии говорит по-португальски, Население и …

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Brazil is a big country. Which takes 5th place in the world’s largest countries. She has many forests of Savannah, Jungle, and many different animals. There’s almost all kinds of animals. What language does Brazil speak? Brazil is spoken in Portuguese, Brazilian, Japanese, French, English. Well half of the world …

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