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Water appears from snow. At first in mountains melting. After this go down little river. From little river’s appears big river and go to sea or ocean. In salty water live crocodiles. Or appears lake. Water that in ocean or in sea you mustn’t drink. If you drink this water …

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Christas Tree


Christmas tree This year, I turned guys, forty years old. So, it turns out that I saw the New Year tree forty times. It’s a lot! Well, the first three years of life, I probably did not understand what a Christmas tree is. Probably, my mother carried me on handles. …

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Carlo Charles 3

One common response of fraud victims is desbilief. I an believe she would do this. She was my most trusted employee … Or by best costumer… Or my best friend. Some one who understands fraud will sadly tell you. “What else could they be?. They wouldn have succeeded without your …

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Hello! My name is Gordon Wilson . I come from Aberdeen in ScotLand, but now. I live and work in London. I have a very small flat near in centre. Im a waiter and i am also drama a student. I work in an Italian restaurant.  I drink  Italian food …

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About Bank

Bank: Bank is a building where you get money for work and the bank can give you a bank card. In the bank card different sums for the salary. An example of my dad’s card is 500 rubles. This I say for example. And for example, a friend of the …

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BMW История

BMW is a German car. It was published in 1913. And it was very popular in those years. Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto discovered two small firms with shops on the northern outskirts of Munich. They specialized in the production of aircraft engines. A small enterprise is poorly suited to …

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The storm

Thunderstorm is a beautiful and majestic phenomenon of nature. But the storm carries a huge danger – lightning strikes. To protect yourself from them, you must follow certain rules. 1) You can not be prized under tall trees, especially separately standing: 2) You can not bathe during a thunderstorm: 3) …

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Dinner in New York

The Blue Room is famous restaurant in New York. The food is excellent, and the waiters and waitresses are polite and friendly. Hector and Isabel Rivera are having dinner at the Blue Room. The Rivera’s are from Venezuela. They are tourists in the United States. They speak Spanish, but they …

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Hello everyone with you SEREJA LION Today I will tell you about the pear. ————————————————– ————————————————– —————————- And you know that the pear is golden in the sense of yellow. They also have separate branches. Of them, like apples, grow a new pear tree.  Everyone knows the yellow pear. And …

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