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Fleshcard this is mini technic like USB-flesh-fuller. It save programs, photos, music and another. Fleshcard can be diiferent. Fleshcards for phones,  big with 1 terabayt and 1000 terabayt, normals with 10 megabayt to 100 gigabayt. Normal fleshcart ussefull for get and go another place. In the world was and now …

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Afghanistan is the central or south country in Asia. Population of country is 31 million peoples. The territory of the country 652 cube kilometers. Capital of the country is city Kabul. Government languages is- pushtu i dari. Country become independent 19 August 1919 year. The most big cities is: Kabul, …

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Christas Tree


Christmas tree This year, I turned guys, forty years old. So, it turns out that I saw the New Year tree forty times. It’s a lot! Well, the first three years of life, I probably did not understand what a Christmas tree is. Probably, my mother carried me on handles. …

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Хонаи Калон


Буд набуд як оилаи буд ва онҳо ду то писар доштанд. Якумаш сенздахсола буд ва дуюмаш 15-сола буд. Ва онҳо бисер кор мекарданд ва вақти бал онҳо либосҳои худошонроц пушида рақс кардан сар мекунан. Ва ногаҳон додарак тавалуд шуд. Вақте ӯ 15 сола шуд бародари калонаш  30-сола шудаст ва дуюмаш …

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Big House


There was one family that had 2 sons first was thirteen and second was fifteen. They work  much and in ball time they wear there’s costumes and start dance,  and here once they were born little brother and when hi m became 15 and first brother became thirty and second …

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Большой Дом


Жила была одна семейка у которых была 2 сына. Младшему  было 13 а старшему 15. Они много трудились и во время бала они надавали свои красивые костюмы и начали танцевать. Вдруг  y них в семье родился братик. Когда он вырос и ему стало 15 а старшему брату 30 а младшему …

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Short Cases

Short Cases CASE 1. Clever, Inc, is a car manufacture. Its 2008 in come statement is as follows:                                   Clever, Inc. Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31, 2008. Sales revenue                                                                                                                                                   $20,000 Less cost of goods sold                                                                                                                                   $10,000 Gross margin                                                                                                                                                    $10,000 Expenses                                                                                                                                                             $8,000 Net income                                                                                                                                                         $2,000 Alexander. In is …

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Multiple Choice

1.Why does fraud seem to be increasing at such an alarming rate? A: Computers the Internet  and technology make fraud easier to commit and cover up B: Most frauds today fraud  are detected whereas in the past many where not C: A new law requires that fraud be reported within …

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Questions & Cases

Discussions Questions What is fraud? How does fraud affect individual’s consumer and organizations? List and describe the five different types of frauds? What is the difference between civil and criminal laws? For each of the following indicate whether it is a characteristic of a civil a criminal case. A: Jury …

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Fraud Related Careers Part 2

Table 1.6 Authors Expert Witnessing Experience Case Nature Retained By City Bank Fraud by costumer Plaintiff’s attorneys Philadelphia, Pa Large industrial company Financial statement  fraud Defendant attorneys Chicago, Il Financial services firm Financial statement fraud by Hedge fund Plaintiff’s attorneys Miami, Fl Financial services firm Financial statement fraud Plaintiff’s  attorneys …

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