BMW История

BMW is a German car. It was published in 1913. And it was very popular in those years.

Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto discovered two small firms with shops on the northern outskirts of Munich. They specialized in the production of aircraft engines. A small enterprise is poorly suited to competition in the market, so soon the firms were merged. The name for the new production sounded like Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke, which means “Bavarian aviation plants”. The founder of BMW – Gustav Otto – was the son of the inventor of the internal combustion engine, and Rapp knew the business, so the company promised to be successful.

Already in 1938 BMW German became even better. And friends of this machine for the history I’ll just show you in years they are what they are.


In the 1950s BMW


BMW 1978



BMW 2000


BMW 2012


BMW 2018


BMW 2020