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Big House

There was one family that had 2 sons first was thirteen and second was fifteen. They work  much and in ball time they wear there’s costumes and start dance,  and here once they were born little brother and when hi m became 15 and first brother became thirty and second twenty eight. And little brother was  lazy and he don’t want to do any think.  . And suddenly some animal came into their garden and trampled and ate the whole crop. Old man (Father of sons) start send there his sons. First go oldest and immediately fell asleep,  and second son went  and he fell asleep too. Came another day start turn little brother, but he don’t go, but brothers start shouting him and came old man and say <<go and  guard!>> And I`ll give you honey. To be continue…

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Big House Part 2

And, little son go. He don’t sleep like his another brothers,  he stood still. And …