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Afghanistan is the central or south country in Asia. Population of country is 31 million peoples. The territory of the country 652 cube kilometers.

Capital of the country is city Kabul. Government languages is- pushtu i dari. Country become independent 19 August 1919 year. The most big cities is: Kabul, Kandagar, Gerat, Mazari-Sharif.

Religion – Islam
President – Ashraf Gani
Vice President – Abdul Rashit Dustum
Vice President 2 – Muhammad Sarvar Danish
Primer Minister – Abdulla Abdulla
Territory – 40-th in the world
Afghanistan has border with: Iran, Pakistan in South, Turkmen, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in south, with China and India in East.

In the flag of Afghanistan is three colors: Black, red and green.
Black color mean about resource like oil (the black water under land)
Red mean the blood in the war
And green is the green grass in land



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