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Several reviewers provided valuable comments that aided in the development of this book

They were as follows:

Richard G. Brody                                                  Randal E. LaSalle

University  of New Mexico                                   West Chester University of Pennsylvannia

  1. Robert Okopny Jeffrey  L. Decker

Eastern Michigan University                               Universtity  of Illinios Springfialed

Barbara Muller                                                      David W. O,Bryan

Arizona State University West Campus             Pittsburg State University  Pittsburg  Kansas

We are very grateful  for the help of many other individuals who made this book possible. We appreciate  the talented  word  processing  help of many secretaries  and assistants at BYU.  We especially appreciate  our  research  assistants, Jeffrey Hoopes  and Matt  Lingenbrink, for their able assistance. We also  say thank  you for the able talented editing  of Matt Filimonov, Jessica  Kempf, and Jana Lewis  of Cengage  Learning  as well as Erin  Shelton  of LEAP Publishing  Services. In addition  we grate fully acknowledge  Brigham  Young University  for its  supports  and for providing an environment  of stimulation  and challenge.

Joseph T. Wells, chairman of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, has been inspiring  and helpful  in many ways. In this area of fraud  examination he has been our closest and most supportive  friend. He and the ACFE have  have made their materials   available to us in writing  this book and through  their  generous  offer to support  fraud  education  will make their videos and other materials  available  to professors. Joseph  Wells, through his work make with the ACFE has done more to fight fraud in the United States and the world  than any person we know.

We also appreciate the help of valuable colleagues with whom we have collaborated previously.  Gerald. W Wernz and Timothy L. Williams  were coauthors  on a previous book and several academic  articles  from which  many ideas  for this book were taken Gregory  J. Dunn, William Gerald W. and T.Jeffrey  Wilks have been coauthors on journal  articles from which ideas have been taken as well. We are also  grateful  to the many  law firms  professional  service  firms, corporations, and  government  organization that have provided us with consulting and expert witnessing opportunities to enrich our fraud experience  and background

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