About the Authors

  1. Steve Albrech
  2. Steve Albrecht is the associate dean of the Marriott Shcool of Manage_Ment and Anderesen Alumni Professor at Brigham Young Unevrity (BYU). Dr.Albrecht, a certified public accountant (CPA), certified fraud examiner (CFE), and certified  internetal auditor  (CLA), came to BYU in 1977 after teaching at Stanford  and the Uneversity  of I11inios. Prior to becoming  associate dean of the Marriott School , Dr.Albrecht  served  for nine  as the director  of the school of Accountancy  and Information Systems  at BYU.

Conan C.Albrecht

Conan C.Albrecht   is an associate professor  of Information  Systems at Brigham Young  University.He teaches  classes in enterprise development, comouter – based fraud detection, and business programming. Dr.Albrecht  researches  computer-based  fraud detection , techniquise  and online  group dinamics. He has published articles om fraud detection and information theory in the Journal of Forensic Accointing, The journal of Accountancy, The Commynications of the ACM, Decision, Support Systems, Information and Management, and other academic and profes-sional outlets.