About My Self

Hello! My name is Sorbon. Im from Tajikistan. I live in Dushanbe. I have no very big family. I have Mather, Father, brather and sister. My fathers name is Anvar, my mather name is Barno, and my sisters name is Sonia my brathers name is Sulaymon. And my full name is Sorbon Murodov. Im ten years old. I learn Russian language and English.  I work in computer. My work in computer is write text, From book or i write  what i want. I ussualy play in computer or tablet. I sometimes read book and write texts.

I know Russian language very nice. But in English language i am not very good. Now i am in Elementry in english i learn english in school and extra school name Almos14. This name in tajik. In english say name this extra school Diamond 14.  In my free time i just play in my tablet. In school where i learn, russian language and my other subjects, name School 33 №32. I have good teachers. In school my teather is a wonam and she very good . In extra school my tecker names is Olim, if translate this name in english it will be  scientist.

I have all what i want thanks to my father. I have funny brather thanks to my mather.  My parents very good. My sister every day do me operation. When my sister do my operation i sleep. And everytime when she finish play operation she sayed do me too. But i sleep. I dont know what she sayed.  My brather  every time when i press in one of the one handred music he cant say but he show me go dance.