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About Bank


Bank is a building where you get money for work and the bank can give you a bank card. In the bank card different sums for the salary. An example of my dad’s card is 500 rubles. This I say for example. And for example, a friend of the pope for 2 times more is 1000 rubles.

What can I do at the Bank:

In the bank, as everyone knows, they work and receive a salary. And sometimes you, for example, become the most important director or junior directors, and in the end you can become the most junior director. Well, or the workers.

Can I buy a bank?

Is the bank impossible or can I buy a bank? I myself do not know. I’ll ask the pope and change the text. And by the way you can give money to become the chief director. Or people get together and say that this one will be the director. Or the one, etc.

Can we get free petty money?

We can get a little bit of money. For example, you gave 100 rubles and told me to return it with 150 and it needs many days or months, or 2 years. Yes, a lot of waiting, well, but a lot of money will be. And do not forget, do not praise yourself that you have a lot of money. And vice versa. Because if you praise yourself then you will be poor or without friends or buddies.

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