About Aplle

Hi guys i am SEREJA LEV.
Today i say you about aplle.
You know that the apple tree has such necessary branches that you can grow from a nickname another apple tree. Well, you can also do with seeds.
This is done in other countries with seeds. But we do in Tajikistan with apple tree bracnes.
They should be watered every Monday and the rest of the days is not necessary. And so many months have passed and tree live 50 years. You must take care of them very often. Plow their land, pour on 10 liters of water, or put the motor in the channel and attach a hose to it and water goes to your. a large garden where all your fruits grow. Here and the water drinker is ready. And you need to pay also water is not free. But the downside is that these matters take a lot of energy from you.

Rest in 30 minutes.

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And then do the same.