Preface to the India Edition

Fraud examination  (sometimes called forensic accounting) is one of the most exciting careers for students studyng accounting and business today. The AICPA has called forensic accounting one of the hot new «sizzling» career  areas  in accounting. It is estimated then there will be shortage of between, 25.000^^^50.000 security  professionals  in the next few years in the United Stases. Exciting  opportunities for accounting and business students who become knowledgeable in fraud prevention, detection,  and investigation  abound in various federal agencies, such as the FBI and Postal Inspectors, major corporations, and professional service  and consulting firms. Both  the size and number of frauds are increasing, which will result in an even greater demand for fraud fighting professional  in the future.

You`ve probably heard about  Enron, WorldCom, and  other major management   frauds. But many other types of frauds   occur everyday. Fraud is an extremely  costly  business problem. For  example, not long ago, a Fornture 500 automaker  experienced  a $436  000 000  fraud. Because the  fraud reduced   the company`s  net it come $436 000 000   from what  it would  have have been and because  the company  had a profit margin (net income divided by net sales)  of approxametaly   10 percent , the company  would have   to generate  sn additional  $4.36  000 000 000  (10 times the amount lost it  in the fraud in verenues  to restore net in come  to it  pre-faud level. If you assume  that an average  car sell for $30. 000, thiscompany  would have to make and sell over 145, 000 additional  cars (4.36 billion divided by $ 30. 000  sales price)  to recover  the effect on net  income. In  other   words, this company faced  a major  business  problem proble: it could either  make  and sell 145.000 more cars, or it could  work hard  to prevent these  types  of frauds  from  occurring  in the future. When faced  this the choice  of genereting  that much  additional  revenue – which would  have been difficult  if not imposible – the company decided  that reducing  and  eliminating  future  frauds  was  the more effective   way to spend  its money. As a result  it hired  additional fraud  and control experts  and implemented  extensive  fraud  prevention  procedures throughout  the orgenization . Eliminating  fraud  is a problem that every  organization  faces and you can help them  deal  with this growing problem.

Even if you  decide  not to become  a fraud expert  the topics  in this book will help you be a better proffessional in whatever  career path  you choose. The  technology interviewing document  examination  public  records  and other  tools and know ledje  you gain will make  you a better  consultant  auditor tax proffessionaly  or manager as well as a better and more astute investor.